About Us

Target Role's Description

Target Role is an amateur small publishing group focused on straightforward content towards RPGs. We mainly publish small pieces of content like One-Page RPGs, One-Page Adventures, Small Scenarios and Adventures, and even simple RPG systems.

We focused on this kind of content because we have a very minimalist and fun focused view for this genre of games, we believe RPGs can be a "pick up and go" type of games that anyone can have access to, so making them easier to read and understand also makes them more attractive and inclusive to the public that is not used to the whole world of RPGs.

In summary Target Role focuses on streamlined and minimalist content, to have RPGs right on Target!

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions, complaints, observations, propositions or just want to talk to us for any other reason, you may contact us through our social media:

Twitter: @target_role

Or leave a message right below: