Hungry Mines

Kids have been missing from a summer camp, one of the survivor kids detailed a monster attack but the locals don’t seem to treat it seriously. As expert monster hunters, our main characters know that something is off and it needs to be taken care before something worse happens.

Hungry Mines is a Monster Hunting One Page Adventure, which means it’s a whole story to be played written in a single page. To play you’ll need to have a RPG system, a player to guide the story as the Storyteller and 2 to 5 players to play the roles of the main characters, The Hunters.

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The Whole File Text:


A wendigo has been sealed away in an old mine for a very long time only to be released accidentally by kids at summer camp. Insatiably hungry due to its long time locked up, it eats one of the kids and takes the rest prisoner to save for later. It won't be long until it goes on the prowl. The kids are reported as missing but a surviving child has a strange story to tell.


Several kids have been reported missing from a summer camp. A local newspaper report mentions that one child says the kids found a monster in a cave that took the other children but makes it sound like it's just childish nonsense.


  • Day: The wendigo will explore further from its lair, which is the mine it had been locked up in, each passing day it will eat a child of which there are four.
  • Shadows: After all children have been eaten, meaning five days have passed, the wendigo will attempt to procure more food.
  • Sunset: Someone is abducted from the camp.
  • Dusk: Over the coming weeks and/or month anyone remaining at or around the camp is taken (workers or investigators/searchers).
  • Nightfall: Years pass and the children and anyone else taken are presumed dead, bears or wolves are blamed.
  • Midnight: After many years, people return to the area, either to explore or reopen or re-purpose the camp, unwittingly putting themselves in harm's way.


The wendigo was fought long ago, sealed away and then forgotten. Along the way, someone chopped one of its arms off with an axe (maybe be one the kids used to get in). It hungers insatiably, particularly for human flesh but it will eat anything in its grasp.


The Wisconsin wilderness near the fictitious town of Forest Ridge. The children went missing from a summer camp known as Camp Wamatopak. The camp takes its name from a nearby lake to the west of the camp. To the northwest of the camp is an abandoned mine, one of many. This is the location of the wendigo's lair and the place where the remaining four children are being held.

Non-Playable Characters

  • Wendigo: Only has one arm and bears scars, it’s always ready to eat, specially humans. It quickly regenerates itself after eating and can perfectly mimic voices and animal sounds. It is very fragile when exposed to fire though.
  • Johnny Crenshaw: This is one of the kids, the only one who escaped the accident, when asked he explains how the kids pried open a board on the mine entrance, using an old axe left nearby and went in (may reveal that he dared the kids to go in). There they found a tall, freakish thin humanoid creature lying in the back of the cave which attacked the kids, Johnny ran away (may never have actually entered the cave).
  • Sheriff Dan Henderson: Dan is the local sheriff, responsible for leading the investigations. When asked, he only cares about ruling out explanations for the event.
  • Zach Mathers and Dianne Newton: They are the camp counselors, which are only about gossiping and sharing any rumors they come across.
  • Search party: A group of people has been quickly formed to go looking for the missing children and thus marching right into the danger zone.
  • Deputy Ben Tuckett: Although politically suspicious, he does in fact wish to join the hunt for the kids to help.
  • Old Man Newton: He’s one of the oldest dwellers of the region, he may have some backstory about how the wendigo was trapped in those mines.


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