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RPGs are storytelling games where you gather a bunch of friends, have one of them telling a story (the Game Master aka GM) while the rest play the roles of the main characters of this story, the Playable Characters (PC).These kind of games are usually portrayed as a hard learning hobby since most of its contents are written in books with hundreds of pages. Target Role is here to change that! We create RPG systems and stories that are all written in just a few pages (most of them are even one single page long).For you to understand a little better our page, we have some filters to help you easily find our games that you can check in here:
But for you to understand what our filters mean, let's briefly explain things here:CategoriesRPG System: This is a file with a set of rules to help you play the storytelling game.Scenarios and Adventures: This are files with descriptions of place and stories already made for you to use a RPG system on. This way you don't have much work on makin…

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